PNR Status Enquiry And Its Information

PNR status Enquiry can be described as the status of the railway tickets booking and inquire about it. It informs you whether your ticket is confirmed or wait-listed or reserved etc. The full form of PNR is “Passenger Name Record”.

On this site you can check PNR Status with the help of the above form.

When Should I Do From My PNR Status Enquiry?

When traveling by Indian railway in India you’ll eventually end up within the situation of getting train ticket on wait-list. This really is very common and also to know whether your ticket is confirmed or otherwise you have to look at your current PNR status. It can be done online easily.  To know your train ticket present position on wait-list from the IRCTC booking system only use our form presented on the top of the page.

Exactly What does “PNR Status” mean:

PNR full form is “passenger name record” and it informs you what’s your present position around the WL (waitlist) or on RAC (reservation against cancellation queue). If you purchase WL ticket or RAC ticket you have a unique 10 digit PNR number.

3 methods for PNR status checking

Essentially you’ve 3 options which are:

  1. Online checking making use of your PC
    SMS service
    Utilizing an Application On Smartphone
  2. Online checking form
  3. Clearly the simplest method of checking PNR Status on the website by filling the form given on the site.
  4. Using SMS service

Get it done by delivering an SMS within the following formats:

PNR to 54959

IRPNR to 57886

PNR to 5676747

PNR to 139

Note: the right format of sms text (with sample number) is: “pnr 9876543210? note you need to type space between your code “pnr” as well as your “10-digit pnr number”

Using Smartphone Applications to check on pnr status

Using Mobile phones and tables with web connection is typical nowadays therefore we listed some applications we believe are great to make use of.

Android Application

Among the best is definitely an Indian Rail Info Application and you may download it from the Google Play store.

PNR status and Railway Reservation Explanation In Proper Order

WL and RAC explanation

When all available seats inside a given train are offered, the railway (Indian Railway or IRCTC) release RAC for railway reservation, once individuals are offered too, then WL tickets are launched.

For each train people naturally cancel their tickets for a number of reasons. It’s individuals cancellations that may enable you to get around the train should you purchased a RAC or WL ticket. Once the actual reservation chart from the particular train is prepared (which means the trains are because of depart inside a couple of hrs usually) and you will find still some available tickets differs quotas, individuals will be presented to  RAC/WL ticket holders.

Here’s one particular Railway reservation situation. Tickets are offered in following order:

Available 02

Available 01

RAC 01

RAC 02

RAC 03

RAC 04

WL 01

WL 02

Getting oriented inside your ticket and WL numbers…

In your ticket, you will find 2 amounts. They let you know the positioning you became a member of the waitlist as well as your present position – within this order.

Let’s come with an example:

You’re booking a ticket online (Indian Railways , Irctc , etc… ) You found that which you wanted, your train – class – chair / berth and also the time and date.  In the finish from the reservation you purchase a ticket with WL5/WL2.

Within this example you became a member of the WL around the position 5  and before you decide to really bought check in online you already gone to live in second position (because of someone else´s cancellation – or easier to say they didn´t create a final booking). The very first number will stay – it signifies whenever you Became a member of the queue ! The 2nd number will decrease until you receive a ticket (hopefully)

Your Railway reservation could seem like:

WL 5/WL 2 (here’s your beginning position)

WL 5/WL 1

WL 5/RAC 3

WL 5/RAC 2

WL 5/RAC 1


Here it means

WL 5/WL 2 = waitlisted ticket, you can’t board the train

WL 5/RAC 3 = RAC ticket, you’re permitted to board the train. However , you might  finish on a chair rather than a berth.

WL 5/CNF = confirmed ticket, you are able to board the train  and you’ve got a berth on your own.